Bob Meyer

Over the 33 years I have been in this business I can truly say there are only a handful contractors that I would take the time out for and write a personal note regarding their professional service. Brouwer Brothers is one of those contractors. Time and time again, when anyone on my team has reached out to Brouwer Brothers we have always had a very quick response, and most complete service available. Unfortunately when my team happens to reach out to you it’s always while they’re in a state of flux as there has been a catastrophe within one of the properties they manage. Whether is a Fire loss, Plumbing loss, or Biohazard loss, each and every time Brouwer Brothers has come through with the right solution, and the right team to match the loss at hand.
For this reason I wish to say thank you to Brouwer Brothers for their most professional service and continued assistance for all of our managed properties.

Bob Meyer, Director of Engineering Services at First Service Residential