Area Rug & Carpet CleaningArea Rug & Carpet Cleaning in Chicago, IL

Carpet & Rug Cleaning Services in Chicago, IL

Take on tough stains and dirty rugs with our professional area rug and carpet cleaning in Chicago. Explore our services today to see why Brouwer Brothers Steamatic is your full-service carpet cleaning expert. Refresh your home with a thorough cleaning using natural products and professionally approved techniques.

Also falling victim to dirt and contaminants are oriental and area rugs. Brouwer Brothers Steamatic will inspect your rug to determine whether it can be cleaned onsite or if it should be picked up and cleaned at the Brouwer Brothers Steamatic facility.


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    Brouwer Brothers Steamatic cleaning a carpet in Alsip, ILGet Quality Carpet Cleaning Services in Chicago, IL

    Routine carpet maintenance requires the latest in steam cleaning. We offer both residential and commercial cleaning services to improve the lifespan of your flooring and restore its professional appearance. Explore the benefits of our carpet cleaning services to see how you can save money on your interior maintenance.

    Extend the Life of Your Area Rugs

    Daily dirt and spills wear out your favorite area rugs. Don’t wait to clean these surfaces until it’s too late – schedule routine deep cleanings to protect your investment. Dust, dirt, and other debris can collect deep in your area rugs and home carpet. Without our innovative steam rug cleaning, all this grime can continue to build up. The result is often matted and discolored material that can affect your indoor air quality.

    Commercial Carpet Stain Removal in Chicago

    A carpet stain or worn path can negatively affect your business appearance. Create a lasting impression with our thorough cleaning and carpet maintenance services. See how The Steamatic Difference can take your old office carpet and breathe new life into it.

    About Residential Carpet Cleaning

    Brouwer Brothers Steamatic provides top-notch Residential Carpet Cleaning services in Chicago, ensuring that your home’s carpets receive the care and attention they deserve. Our team understands the unique challenges of maintaining carpets in residential spaces and employs specialized methods and equipment to deliver exceptional results. With years of expertise, we address common issues like stains, allergens, and general wear and tear, revitalizing your carpets and enhancing the overall cleanliness of your living spaces. Our commitment to quality extends beyond surface cleaning, as we prioritize the health and well-being of your family by eliminating hidden contaminants. Whether it’s routine maintenance or addressing specific concerns, our Residential Carpet Cleaning services are designed to leave your carpets looking fresh, feeling soft, and contributing to a healthier home environment. Trust Brouwer Brothers Steamatic for professional and reliable residential carpet cleaning that transforms your living spaces into clean, comfortable sanctuaries.

    Professional Restoration Service in Chicago

    When disaster strikes, you need a prompt restoration service to protect your property. See how our carpet and rug cleaning services can thoroughly clean these surfaces after a fire, flood, mold damage, or other disasters. The type of emergency may change, but our commitment to protecting your belongings remains the same.

    Brouwer Brothers Steamatic Logo Restoration and cleaning services in ChicagoStress-Free Home Restoration in Chicago

    A damaged home can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. Contaminated commercial carpet needs to be cleaned and sanitized before employees can take on their daily tasks. At Brouwer Brothers Steamatic, we work with you to address any disaster in the Chicago area.

    We work quickly to address any issue, offer thorough surface cleaning, and restore your clean air quality. Our general contractors and other restoration experts come together with our carpet and rug cleaning experts to offer full-service commercial or residential support.

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    The Brouwer Brothers Steamatic Difference

    The Technology: No other carpet cleaner offers Brouwer Brothers Steamatic‘s proprietary cleaning system. Superheated water and powerful vacuums remove dirt and particles all the way to the base of the carpet fiber. Our patented re-circulating system keeps the clean, hot water moving from the tank to the wand, so it doesn’t have a chance to cool down. Powerful vacuums then extract the dirt and water, leaving your carpets clean, soft, and odor-free.

    The Process: Brouwer Brothers Steamatic will pre-vacuum and treat spots and traffic areas as needed with pre-spray emulsifiers and commercial-grade buffers to suspend dirt and contaminants. We then use our hot water extraction to eliminate all traces of dirt and even many strains of bacteria. Cleaning is not complete until all accessible areas are treated and cleaned to your satisfaction.

    The Commitment: Your Brouwer Brothers Steamatic team will arrive on time, in uniform, and fully equipped for the job. You will receive a follow-up call within 48 hours to check your total satisfaction. We promise you will be 100% satisfied.

    Enjoy Quality Carpet Services in Chicago

    Contact us today to request a residential/commercial cleaning service. From daily wear to severe flooding, we can take on any issue facing your area rugs and carpet. Save money by avoiding costly carpet replacement services, and instead, restore your original flooring with efficient, affordable, and local carpet and rug cleaning services.

    Our Cleaning and Restoration Service Areas:


    When disaster strikes, Brouwer Brothers Steamatic understands that you just want to get your life back to normal. Our normal business hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, and we are available 24/7 to respond to your emergency.

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