Male technician cleaning industrial air conditioner indoors

Allergy Season Cleaning Checklist: Tips for a Healthy Building

Nearly 100 million people in the US experience allergy attacks each year. Generally, the allergy season in the country starts in February and peaks in early summer when grass, trees, and weeds pollinate. If you suffer from allergies, you probably understand how frustrating the symptoms can be, especially when triggered inside your home or business. …

a close up image of two people sitting in a living room while the ceiling is leaking with buckets on the floor collecting the leak

Does Your Ceiling Have Water Damage

Water-damaged ceiling is one of the most common problems homeowners in Chicago, IL, often grapple with. If not addressed quickly, water-damaged ceilings can collapse, leading to severe injuries. Additionally, the presence of water in your ceilings can provide a conducive breeding ground for mold and mildew, exposing you and your loved ones to serious health …

Construction cleaning service by Brouwer Brothers Steamatic.

What Is Included in Post-Construction Cleaning

At the completion of a project, one of the final steps is a thorough inspection of the job site to make sure everything is clean, safe, and organized. As such, before finally turning over the key, additional work, including full cleaning of the entire facility, known as post-construction cleaning, is crucial. Brouwer Brothers Steamatic is …