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Mold Remediation in Chicagoland

Mold has received a great deal of media attention in recent years, and deservedly so. The effects of mold on our bodies are just now being understood and while rare, serious health effects from exposure do occur. When moisture is present, molds can grow on virtually any substance and people are more susceptible to the health effects of a fungus when it is contained in a building environment. Prompt attention to water damage or visible mold can often keep a minor problem from becoming major.


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    Explore our services and discover how you can take back your home from dangerous black mold. Whether you have a minor spot or major issues throughout your home, learn more about our black mold removal and remediation services at Brouwer Brothers Steamatic.

    Mold remediation isn’t the same as mold removal. There are two key reasons why you should turn to a mold remediation company. First, removal claims to literally remove every mold spore from your property. This isn’t a reality, as natural mold exists inside and outside your building. Second, remediation services tackle mold prevention and cleaning services. A full-service mold solution from our trained professionals keeps your home safe and your property intact.

    Testing for Mold Services

    Many homeowners are convinced they have black mold. It can be difficult to determine the exact type of mold that’s in your home, particularly because not all mold that appears black is the toxic black mold or Stachybotrys chartarum, which can cause serious health effects.

    Our black mold treatment services start with a thorough inspection. Understanding the extent and type of mold helps us make recommendations for the necessary services to restore your home. Here are some basic factors we look for when inspecting your home:

      • Type of mold present
      • Extent of mold
      • Step required for removal
      • Estimated timeline of removal

    Once we’ve determined the extent of the issue, we create a detailed plan of action to remove mold, clean your air, and restore your property. This full-service process is performed by highly trained technicians using state-of-the-art equipment, so you can be confident in the indoor air quality of your home after our services.

    Our team sets up a containment area to minimize the damage. This reduces the risk of spreading mold to other areas of your home. Once contained, we use HEPA vacuums, air scrubbers, and other equipment to clean the air and surfaces of your home.

    Surface cleaning starts with areas directly affected by mold growth. Once those key areas are cleaned, we work throughout your home to clean any other areas that may be contaminated. Thorough cleaning prevents further mold issues.

    After cleaning, we inspect your home to determine the cause of the mold growth. Mold in your home is usually caused by leaking pipes, roof leaks, or other water issues. Sealing up your home’s exterior and plumbing system reduces the risk of further mold growth.

    Dangers of Black Mold

    The most dangerous feature is actually the mold spores. Airborne spores cause many of the adverse health effects associated with mold growth in your home. Watch for these symptoms and consider scheduling a mold inspection in your home:

      • Itchy, red eyes or skin
      • Wheezing
      • Stuffy nose
      • Increased asthma symptoms
      • Serious respiratory symptoms

    Serious symptoms are typically rare, but individuals who already experience respiratory conditions or illnesses are at higher risk. For more individuals, black mold and other types of mold in your home aren’t deadly. It can, however, cause you to become sick and develop cold-like symptoms.

    Black mold also damages your home. Mold eats away at drywall, wood, and other materials. Over time, it can even compromise the structure of your roof or walls. Don’t wait until your home is severely damaged and needs restoration services, but turn to a leader of mold remediation in Chicago.

    If your home is damaged by mold, our team can safely restore it. Carpet, drywall, and grout are common surfaces that need to be thoroughly cleaned or replaced to prevent further mold growth. During our inspection, we’ll determine which materials can be safely cleaned and which are compromised enough to require removal and replacement. We do this to ensure your home is safe.

    Contact us at Brouwer Brothers Steamatic to schedule an inspection or learn more about our mold remediation services. Find out how we can restore your home in Chicagoland and protect your family from health issues associated with mold spores. Work with a leader in complete remediation to breathe easily in your home.

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    Mold Remediation / Removal FAQs

    What is mold remediation?

    Mold remediation (removal) is the process of removing and/or cleaning up mold from an indoor environment. Mold remediation specialists use specialized equipment and methods to remove mold completely.

    What causes mold to grow?

    Mold needs water to grow. Moisture can come from leaks in roofs, windows, pipes, and walls. It also comes from high humidity, flooding, or leaking insulation. You can prevent mold growth by fixing leaks and repairing damaged areas. You can also use dehumidifiers to reduce humidity levels.

    Mold can grow on almost all indoor surfaces, including wood, wallpaper, carpet, rock, insulation, and more.

    How does mold spread and grow?

    Molds require nutrients, water, oxygen, and favorable temperatures to grow. Nutrients for mold are found in dead organic materials such as wood, paper, or fabric. Mold needs moisture, although some mold can get moisture from moist air when relative humidity is above 70%. Many molds can thrive at room temperature. Few if any molds are able to grow below forty degrees Fahrenheit or above one hundred degrees Fahrenheit. Mold grows better at higher temperatures and although mold can be killed by heat, the exact temperature needed to kill specific species is unknown.

    How long does mold remediation or mold removal take?

    Mold removal (remediation), depending on the amount of mold, can take anywhere from 1 day to five days. For inquiries on the scope of your mold removal project, call Brouwer Brothers Steamatic at 708-866-1627.


    When disaster strikes, Brouwer Brothers Steamatic understands that you just want to get your life back to normal. Our normal business hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, and we are available 24/7 to respond to your emergency.

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