Garbage Chute Cleaning in Berwyn, ILGarbage Chute Cleaning in Berwyn, IL

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Garbage Chute Cleaning in Berwyn, IL 

Cockroaches and fruit flies love a dirty garbage chute. Brouwer Brothers Steamatic can help ensure the health and safety of your building and its tenants by keeping your chutes clean.

We first treat the interior surfaces of the chute with a biodegradable enzyme to help de-grease and loosen buildup. We then follow up with 200+ degree water pressure washing to flush the contaminants and odors down the chute. This service focuses on reducing odors, killing insects and microorganisms, as well as cleaning and degreasing the surface of the chute.


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    Trash Chute Cleaning in Berwyn, IL

    Power through grease, bacteria, and foul-smelling debris in your trash chute with the professional services of our team at Brouwer Brothers Steamatic. Discover how our trash chute cleaning services can help you protect the health and safety of employees or tenants. We’re proud to serve Chicago, IL, and the surrounding metro areas with proven solutions.

    Chicago, IL Trash Chute Cleaning Services

    We start our service with a scheduled or emergency visit from our trained team of technicians. After inspecting your garbage chute, we offer a two-step approach that cleans and deodorizes the chute. These services not only target the problem of unwanted odors in a hallway, but they get at the root of the issue by eliminating bacteria throughout the interior of the chute.

    De-Grease Treatment in Chicago

    Our technicians start by using a biodegradable enzyme to treat the interior of your garbage chute. This helps prepare the chute for a thorough clean. It lifts grease and other stubborn messes off the interior walls of the garbage chute.

    We use only biodegradable enzymes to promote an environmentally friendly solution to unwanted odors and pests. Other cleaning solutions may remove grease but can also pose an environmental concern as it coats your garbage chute or is sent down the drain of your commercial building. We’re proud to offer clean, green solutions to smelly garbage chutes.

    Pressure Washing in Chicago

    After the treatment process has thoroughly loosened bacteria, it’s time to blast it away. A pressure washer uses temperatures over 200 degrees to heat up and remove unwanted organisms and debris from your garbage chute. High temperatures are crucial for completely removing bacteria and residue from the interior walls of the chute.

    This high-powered spray is crucial to remove all the microorganisms and insects that can affect the health of the building occupants. A pressure washer operating at these temperatures needs to be handled with extreme care, so leave this service to the professionals at Brouwer Brothers Steamatic.

    Why Choose Us in the Chicagoland Area?

    Brouwer Brothers Steamatic offers The Steamatic Difference to Chicago, IL, and the surrounding metro areas. Our local team is part of an international company operating in 20 countries. Steamatic has been in business for over a half-century, so our local team uses time-tested strategies to offer these benefits to you, your building, and its occupants.

    Remove Bacteria

    Loose trash sent down a garbage chute creates unpleasant spills and a filthy interior. Over time, all that mess harbors a significant amount of bacteria. A messy, bacteria-infested garbage chute can reduce the indoor air quality of your business or apartment complex. It can also create a health and safety risk. Our prompt services remove all that bacteria to refresh your commercial property.

    Reduce Odors

    Spilled food, wet trash scraps, and bacteria create a powerfully pungent smell. A messy garbage chute typically leads to an unpleasant odor throughout your commercial property. Treat your tenants or employees to fresh air and an odor-free environment with our commercial cleaning services.

    Decrease Property Damage Risks

    Bacteria and bad odors are just the beginning. In time, a dirty garbage chute can attract rodents, fruit flies, and other pests. These pests, and structural damage to your garbage chute, can create a fire hazard in your building. Don’t neglect this key area of your commercial building, but work with our local team to enjoy improved property safety and convenient preventative maintenance.

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    Don’t wait until your garbage chute becomes a monster that no one wishes to use. Request a cleaning service in Chicago, IL, and the surrounding metro areas to start your preventative maintenance schedule. Enjoy full-service garbage chute cleaning and deodorizing from our friendly, efficient team at Brouwer Brothers Steamatic. Call (708) 396-1444, we are available 24/7.

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    When disaster strikes, Brouwer Brothers Steamatic understands that you just want to get your life back to normal. Our normal business hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, and we are available 24/7 to respond to your emergency.

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