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Pack Out and On-Site Cleaning Services in Chicago, IL

Restoring your content after a disaster is a highly detailed process. The cleaning steps we take depend on the type of disaster, the scope of the damage, and the particular contents. Removing soot from a box of photos is a very different cleaning service than restoring a throw rug that has been exposed to mold, so we’ll work with you to create a personalized cleaning solution. Here are a few categories of items that we can clean on-site or at our professional location:


    • Property Management Information

    At Brouwer Brothers Steamatic, we offer industry-leading expertise and cleaning techniques. Electronics can be restored without losing important files or photos. File folders and other important documents can be invaluable, so we work with you to save the documents or information on necessary paperwork that’s been damaged in a fire or other disaster. Work with our art restoration team for the conservation of your priceless works of art. Our partnership with The Conservation Center gives us the tools and expertise necessary to restore, conserve, and protect your canvas, textiles, murals, and photography.

    Your furniture is a key part of what makes your house feel like a home, so save your sofa, bed, and heirloom furniture after a flood or fire. We carefully pack up any upholstery, wood furniture, or other pieces to use our innovative cleaning techniques. At our professional restoration building, we can dry, sanitize, and restore all types of furniture after a tragedy. Your clothing and garments may be subject to mold, water, or smoke damage. From surface mold to unpleasant smoke odors, our team has the tools and techniques you need to save your wardrobe.

    Ask Steamatic technicians about particular items. We want to make sure every possible part of your home is fully restored. While there may be some damage beyond restoration, ask about particular items in your home to see how we can clean and restore them.

    Content Packing and Cleaning for Peace of Mind

    All of these steps take time. While our home restoration team works on removing moisture, sanitizing surfaces, and repairing damaged structural components, our contents restoration team expertly packs out many of your contents. Cleaning in our state-of-the-art facility ensures no further contamination and damage to your property. Once we finish the restoration steps, we carefully pack them up again to send them back to your home.

    Chicago’s Commercial Services

    All of these services are available for residential or commercial disasters. Your business property may also have priceless artwork, costly electronics, and sensitive files. We work with you to deliver professional content restoration services to fit your busy work schedule. Don’t let a fire, flood, or other natural disaster prevent your business from growing, but work with Brouwer Brothers Steamaticfor commercial cleaning and content recovery.

    The Brouwer Brothers Steamatic Difference

    If your possessions have been damaged due to a fire, flood, or unexpected plumbing leak, don’t wait to contact Brouwer Brothers Steamatic. Many items in your home can be thoroughly cleaned onsite, and any possessions with extensive damage can be sent to a completely secure Steamatic facility for in-depth restoration. From electronics to antiques, trust the name that has been helping families restore their homes and belongings for over 50 years.

    Our Cleaning and Restoration Service Areas:


    What should you be prepared to do during our pack out & onsite cleaning process?

    Professional cleaners will take care of grunt work for you during the content cleaning process. You must sign an authorization form, identify your most immediate needs so that we know what to clean next, assist with the touch decision, and be on site for the pack out and delivery of your possessions.

    Why shouldn’t you just replace all of your damaged items?

    You may be tempted to just remove everything and save yourself the hassle of going through the contents cleanup process. However, this is a bad idea because it’s an expensive and time-consuming task. You could end up paying much of it out of pocket if you decide to replace everything.

    Why should you hire a professional cleaning service?

    We use many different sophisticated technologies for content cleaning. These include high precision ultrasound cleaning, aqueous electronic cleaning, precision drying, odor removal, and more. A professional cleaning company will have access to these tools and techniques. You can also get similar results by doing it yourself, but it will take longer and cost much more money.



    When disaster strikes, Brouwer Brothers Steamatic understands that you just want to get your life back to normal. Our normal business hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, and we are available 24/7 to respond to your emergency.

    Request Custom Services like Pack Out & On-Site Cleaning Now.


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