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Restore your personal belongings, business investments, and your peace of mind with our content recovery services in Chicago. Whether you’ve just experienced a fire, flood, or another disaster, it takes a professional hand and time-tested techniques to repair and restore furniture and personal items. Recover after a disaster by restoring your cherished and valuable items with the help of our local, dependable team.

Following a loss event, Brouwer Brothers Steamatic can immediately secure your residence or facility. Brouwer Brothers Steamatic utilizes a computerized pricing system that can create an inventory of contents. Depending on the extent of the damage to the structure, contents can be cleaned on-location or removed to a secure facility. During property restoration, we offer property storage and complete inventory services.


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    What is Included in Our Content Restoration Services?

    We work with you to identify critical items and create a complete content cleaning and recovery plan. Here are a few steps we take to keep your residence or business property safe and help you get back on your feet after a disaster:

      • Belonging inventory creation: The flurry of cleaning and content restoration services after a disaster can be overwhelming. It’s easy to lose track of the items lost in a disaster. Our team starts with careful documentation of every item we clean on-site or at our professional facility.
      • Deodorizing services: Smoke and mold can trap powerful odors in your furniture and other belongings. Our dependable equipment thoroughly sanitizes and deodorizes your items after a fire, flood, or another incident to get them back to normal.
      • On-site cleaning: As our technicians carefully document and inspect your items, there may be some items that can be thoroughly cleaned right in your building. Avoid moving heavy furniture, cabinets, and other belongings with our dependable on-site cleaning.
      • Pack-out services: Some items may become more compromised or affect the rest of your home if left in place. For these serious restoration projects, we take your personal or professional belongings to our climate-controlled cleaning facility. This provides you with quality content recovery right in Chicago.
      • 24/7 emergency response support: Disasters don’t clock out at the end of the workday, so neither do we. Contact our team any time of the day or year for emergency cleaning and content recovery services.

    No two disasters affect homes in the same way, so our services are flexible to fit your personal issues. From stacks of important business documents to priceless family furniture, trust us with your damaged belongings after a natural or manmade disaster event.

    Our rapid response team offers content restoration services that restore your indoor air quality, structure elements of your home, and finish materials. From a house fire to moldy drywall, work with our team to repair your home as we restore your belongings.

    Looking for cleaning services? Some parts of your home or business may not be damaged but may still be harboring mold spores, dust, soot, and other debris. Work with our cleaning team for furniture cleaning, air duct cleaning, and more. Full-service cleaning gives you peace of mind as you return to work or home. We work with you to identify any areas that may still be compromised after a disaster or other event.

    You don’t have to wait for a natural disaster to enjoy comprehensive cleaning. Schedule a carpet cleaning service to improve your indoor air quality and remove debris trapped in your carpet. This preventative step helps reduce the risk of mold and poor indoor air quality.

    Disasters That Require Contents Restoration

    The sources of damage to your property may affect our strategies, but they shouldn’t affect who you call. Turn to Brouwer Brothers Steamatic restoration specialists for 24/7 emergency response content recovery services for these and other damage-causing disasters:

      • Fire
      • Flood
      • Leaking water lines
      • Sewage issue
      • Mold
      • Wind, hurricane, or tornado

    Start the Process Today with Brouwer Brothers Steamatic!

    Contact us online or call us today for more information about our restoration services. We work with local businesses and homeowners to reduce content loss after a disaster. We’re confident our restoration services can help you today or in the future, so think of Brouwer Brothers Steamatic when you need industry-leading restoration services in an emergency.


    Our Cleaning and Restoration Service Areas:

    Content Recovery / Restoration FAQs

    What items will you keep in your possession during our content restoration process?

    Pets and valuables should be kept safe with you during our restoration process. You should bring cash, medications, jewelry, and other important items with you. Be sure to take any flammable materials, firearms, ammunition, gasoline cans, etc., with you as well.

    How should you keep track of items that cannot be restored?

    We recommend you make a list of items (including food items), deemed unsalvageable, make a copy for your insurance policy and keep one for yourself.

    Should you be out of the property during the recovery process?

    The decision ultimately lies with you, but you should consider these factors when deciding whether or not to move out of your house temporarily. During our recovery process, there may be uncomfortable noise from our equipment, and odors from our restoration equipment. If you choose to leave, we suggest you redirect the delivery of mail and other items to your new address. Also, notify utility companies, such as phone, electric, water, gas, etc., of your temporary move and request a suspension of your services for its duration.

    Will you have access to your possessions while they are put in storage?

    Yes, with advance notice we will be happy to schedule a time for a restoration technician to come out and give you access to your belongings. A service fee may apply in certain cases.

    What is the process for special items like artwork, heirlooms, etc?

    Our specialists can assist you in restoring valuable items such as, antiques, art, or collectibles. For items that need some special attention, we can also help you locate a qualified restorer while working with your insurance claims representative.


    When disaster strikes, Brouwer Brothers Steamatic understands that you just want to get your life back to normal. Our normal business hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, and we are available 24/7 to respond to your emergency.

    Request Emergency Response Now for Your Content Recovery.


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