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How to Easily Clean These Top 5 Carpet Stains

When dealing with a spill on your carpet it is important to act fast. While professional cleaning services are the best way to remove all traces of a stain, doing your own clean-up right after the accident can help reduce the likelihood of permanent damage to a rug or carpet. Here you’ll learn how to address these top 5 hard-to-remove stains. After taking the first steps to clean up stains, visit our website to learn how we can help remove any lingering traces that remain.

How to Get Wine Stains Out of Carpet

Wine and other brightly colored beverages, such as Kool-Aid or juice, are notorious for leaving lasting stains. When figuring out how to get rid of carpet stains of this kind, consider how long ago the mess was made. If you are dealing with the aftermath directly following a spill, soak up as much liquid as you can with a clean washcloth or towel. Resist the urge to scrub at the stained area, as this can cause it to soak deeper into the carpet.

After you’ve gently patted the area with a towel to absorb as much liquid as possible, use baking soda to soak up the remaining moisture. Simply sprinkle the baking soda over the stain and allow it to sit for a few minutes before using your vacuum cleaner to remove it.

The longer a wine or juice stain remains on the carpet, the more difficult it can be to remove. If you’re dealing with a stain that has soaked in and dried and can’t easily be soaked up, getting a professional carpet cleaning service in Elmwood Park & Maywood, IL to help as soon as possible can be the best way to avoid permanent damage to your rug or carpet.

How to Get Pet Stains Out Of Carpet

No matter how well behaved your dog or cat is, almost every pet owner has to deal with a mess left on their carpet at some point or another. Deciding how to get rid of carpet stains left by your pet involves not only dealing with a potentially yucky mess but also trying to prevent any lasting odors or discoloration that may be left behind. While it’s nobody’s favorite thing to deal with, acting fast almost always leads to an easier clean-up than letting it sit.

To properly clean up a mess left by your pet, start by removing any solid debris from the spot. Next, use a small amount of hydrogen peroxide to disinfect the area and help make cleaning easier. You can put the hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle and mist the area to avoid over soaking it. An area rug cleaning service can help you with the next step of preventing permanent stains. Getting pet stains professionally cleaned not only helps restore the appearance of your carpet but it helps reduce the chances of any lingering bad smells being left behind as well.

How to Get Coffee Stains Out Of Carpet

A beverage that is almost equal to wine in its reputation for leaving stains on carpet and rugs, coffee stains can be another potentially frustrating mess to deal with. Rug cleaning for coffee stains can be very similar to that of other beverages in that you want to act fast and avoid working the mess deeper in by scrubbing. Use a simple carpet cleaning solution made up of dish soap and water to help you remove some of the mess and make the stains less noticeable.

Since it is a very dark-colored liquid, you may find that coffee stains are much more difficult to remove from lighter-colored carpets than dark ones. You should be able to carefully clean stained areas to help them fade and blend back in with the unstained area, but in some cases, carpet cleaning services are the only way to remove the mark without a trace remaining. Learn more about how we can help remove tough stains from area rugs in Elmwood Park & Maywood, IL.

How to Get Ink Stains Out Of Carpet

If you’ve ever had a pen burst onto anything you own, you know how difficult of a mess to clean up it can be. Ink is known to do permanent damage to almost any fabric it comes into contact with, and rugs and carpets are no exception. Getting these stains out can be a time-consuming and difficult process. While not scrubbing the area is great advice for the beverage stains mentioned above, it is potentially even more important for ink stains. Rubbing at these types of stains will cause them not only to soak in but also to spread and cover a wider area.

When thinking about how to get rid of carpet stains caused by ink, remember that most ordinary carpet cleaners may not be effective at removing ink stains. One way to approach removing ink can be to wet a small cloth with isopropyl alcohol and carefully blot at the area. For larger stains, you may need to saturate the area with alcohol and let it sit before attempting to remove it. If you do not have a vacuum on hand that can safely suck the liquid back out of your carpet, soaking the area may be out of the question. Professional carpet cleaning in Elmwood Park & Maywood, IL is the best approach to take.

How to Get Blood Stains Out Of Carpet

Accidents happen and unfortunately, bloodstains in rugs and carpets are something you may have to deal with at some point or another. These types of stains can come with their own health and safety concerns. Sterilizing the area completely will likely be your top priority along with removing all traces of the stain. Blood comes with some unique cleaning concerns and it can be a good idea to wear gloves while cleaning it. Keep in mind that hot water can cause the blood to stick to rugs and carpets. Use cold water and be sure to take time to disinfect the area in addition to removing the visible stain.

Restore Your Carpet

The stains listed above can be some of the toughest to remove from carpets. Acting fast and using caution in how you clean can be the two most important parts of preventing permanent stains. While you may not be able to completely remove the stain on your own, you should be able to reduce it significantly.

If after taking the initial steps to clean up your carpet you find that stubborn stains continue to linger, our carpet cleaning and area rug cleaning services are here to help. We know how to get rid of carpet stains in a way that leaves no trace whatsoever. Rugs and carpets can be expensive to replace and whether you are a business or a private homeowner, we can help clean up hard-to-manage messes in Elmwood Park & Maywood, IL. Contact us through our website or call us at 1-800-CLEAN54 to schedule professional cleaning services for your carpet or rug.

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