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Allergy Season Cleaning Checklist: Tips for a Healthy Building

Nearly 100 million people in the US experience allergy attacks each year. Generally, the allergy season in the country starts in February and peaks in early summer when grass, trees, and weeds pollinate. If you suffer from allergies, you probably understand how frustrating the symptoms can be, especially when triggered inside your home or business.

Fortunately, a spring cleaning exercise can prevent allergies and make your home or business a safe and comfortable haven amidst the allergy season. Apart from the general cleanup of the area, a professional HVAC and air duct cleaning service can help eliminate allergens and keep new ones from entering your home or business.

Brouwer Brothers Steamatic provides reliable AC and HVAC duct cleaning services to homes and businesses in Chicago, IL. Here are some tips for allergies checklist to keep allergies at bay this allergy season.

Keep Dust and Dander Allergens Outside Your Spaces

This may seem too obvious, but keeping allergens outside your home or business is the most effective way to avoid allergy symptoms. Routine cleaning for allergies can help reduce allergy-triggering dust, mold, pollen, and pet dander in your home or business.

The following tips will help keep allergens outside:

      • Clean the space weekly: Clean all common areas of your space once a week to reduce allergies and prevent illnesses. In your home, be sure to clean all rooms and wash your sheets, pillowcases, and blankets weekly with hot water. Use a damp cloth to clean surfaces, including tops of doors, windows, windowsills, and window frames.
      • Dust fans and fixtures regularly: Ceiling fans tend to collect dust and allergens so quickly due to static electricity build-up on blades. Light fixtures can also collect dust because of all the crannies and crevices that form part of their design. Generally, fans and lighting fixtures should be dusted weekly to help relieve allergies and prevent dust build-ups. It would help if you also dusted nooks and crannies in electronics such as TV and on tops of cabinets where floating allergens may settle.
      • Keep windows and doors closed: Many people prefer airing out their homes as part of the spring cleaning for allergies tradition. However, doing this can be costly if you are prone to allergies. Opening doors and windows exposes you to floating pollen and other allergens. Keep your windows and doors closed, and cool your space with an air conditioning unit.
      • Vacuum and shampoo carpets often: Vacuuming the carpets three to four times a week helps capture most allergens. Pollen in the air outdoors attaches easily to fabrics and fibers on your clothes and shoes. When you enter an enclosed area, the pollen separates from the clothing and settles into the furniture and carpet. With time, your carpet turns into a giant filter full of all sorts of allergens. A professional vacuuming service can help remove the particles from your home or business carpet and can offer services explicitly to clean for allergens.

Brouwer Brothers Steamatic provides effective carpet and rug cleaning services in addition to their HVAC services to eliminate allergens and restore clean air quality in your spaces. We offer both residential and commercial rug and carpet cleaning services in Chicago and its neighborhoods. Contact us today to request rug and carpet allergy cleaning services.

Don’t Forget About Your Air Conditioners

Dirty air conditioners can exacerbate allergy symptoms. Most people regularly run their AC systems during summer to deal with the heat. If your AC has a damp condensate pan, humidifier, or cooling coil and ductwork, it quickly develops and circulates mildew or mold pollen, contributing to allergy attacks. The following tips can help prevent this problem:

      • Replace your AC and HVAC filters: AC and HVAC filters are critical in keeping several allergens from accessing your home or business. The filters have small gaps that trap dirt, debris, pollen, dust, and pet hair to ensure the air from the vents is cleaner than the air that went in. Experts reveal quality air conditioner filters can remove up to 98% of airborne allergens. However, filters are prone to wear and tear damage that comes with overuse. Replacing old air conditioner filters is an effective way to enhance their efficiency.
      • Clean HVAC and duct system: an HVAC and duct system can help reduce or eliminate allergens in your home or business and relieve allergies and asthma triggers. Since air ducts circulate air throughout the area, they also collect and distribute allergens that trigger allergies. An HVAC and duct cleaning service from Brouwer Brothers Steamatic can help with your allergies. Our highly trained and certified technicians leverage cutting-edge equipment and technologies to inspect and clean your vents and ducts. Contact us today to request HVAC allergy cleaning services.

Don’t Let Allergies Take Over Your Building: Schedule Your Cleaning Today

The air quality in your home or business starts in your air ducts. Dirty HVAC systems, air filters, and air ducts are a leading cause of allergies that lead to sore throats, fatigue, difficulty breathing, and illness in your home or business. Don’t let allergies hamper your comfort and affect your productivity.

At Brouwer Brothers, we help you rid your home or business of pollen allergies. We provide professional allergy cleaning services that help prevent common allergy issues and ensure your space is clean and safe to live and work in. Contact us to schedule a professional cleaning today.


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