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Arts & Document Recovery Services in Chicago, Illinois

Work with Brouwer Brothers Steamatic to restore priceless artwork and enjoy reliable document restoration. Whether your essential documents were damaged in a fire or your artwork was exposed to high moisture levels, turn to our reliable art restoration Chicago services today.

Brouwer Brothers Steamatic can provide complete art and fine collectibles restoration through The Conservation Center. Services available through our partnership with TCC include:

    • Paintings Conservation: Conservation of works of art on paper, canvas, photography, textiles, and murals.
    • Furniture and Decorative Objects Conservation: Includes rare books, sculptures, frames, and gilded objects, antiques, and fine furniture.
    • Transportation and installation services
    • Disaster response services
    • On-site assessments by TCC personnel


    • Property Management Information

    Document Recovery Services in Chicago

    Books, valuable papers, and other important documents are not usually a total loss following fire or water damage. Brouwer Brothers Steamatic is a leader in critical document recovery service and provides true vacuum freeze-drying, fumigation, deodorization, and reproduction services. Our regionally located freeze-dry chambers can restore and preserve everything from medical records to historical documents and bound volumes.

    Our Art Restoration Process

    The art restoration process requires specialized tools and techniques. Unlike art conservation, restoration involves correcting subtle, moderate, or extreme damage to a painting or other artwork after a tragic event. This could be a sudden event like a fire or a long-term event, like exposure to high moisture levels. Here are some common environmental factors that we can handle when restoring your art:

    We use a wide range of restoration techniques to restore your art. The embrittled paper requires rehydration, so we carefully support it with specialized tissues and add the correct amount of moisture to reduce cracking without encouraging mold growth.

    Too much moisture needs to be dried out to prevent mold damage. If mold or mildew has already formed, our cleaning techniques halt growth and remove marks and stains related to this damage.

    Old artwork is commonly folded and improperly stored for years before a new owner recognizes its value. We use a controlled humidification process to unfold artwork carefully and reverse the fold lines to minimize or completely remove them.

    In extreme situations, torn artwork may even be repaired. Ask about reweaving and pigment replacement services to restore art that has faced severe damage.

    Similar to restoration, art conservation is the act of preserving art for years to come. If your painting or photography doesn’t need to be repaired but needs to be kept for generations to come, conservation services can help. Ask our team about tips and services that extend your painting’s lifetime and avoid molding, fading, cracking, or other damage. Contact us for more information about oil painting restoration and other art and document services.

    Our Cleaning and Restoration Service Areas:

    Art Restoration / Document Recovery FAQs

    What types of art do we restore?

    We restore paintings and frames of all kinds, and we offer limited repair, cleaning, and stabilization of some ceramic and wood objects. Works on paper and historic documents can usually be restored and maintained. We also offer cleaning and restoring of some architectural elements including murals, frescoes, golden leaf, and light fixtures.

    What are the types of restorations that we offer?

    Many items lend themselves to different treatment options. Restoration options often vary greatly in what can and should happen to an object. Our clients work together to agree on a course that is in the best interests of the artwork while avoiding over-restoration.

    How do you know if you should restore your art or heirloom?

    We suggest that clients know the value of their artworks before restoring them. Price guides, auction catalogs, and internet searches are great sources to determine the value of your artwork. Accredited appraisers should be used as well. However, many times that an item is brought to us for restoration, it is purely for sentimental means.

    How long does a restoration last? Is it reversible, or permanent?

    Restorations are reversible and made with materials that do not change the original artist’s work permanently. Our restorers are careful to avoid damaging the art piece. Professional restorations should normally last for decades.


    When disaster strikes, Brouwer Brothers Steamatic understands that you just want to get your life back to normal. Our normal business hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, and we are available 24/7 to respond to your emergency.

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